Where children and teens create a healthy sense of self

Tools to help them through stages of growing up, which will be useful for them even when they become young adults. Our next generation of leaders deserves to have a healthy sense of who they are so they can make as great an impact as they wish to.

Fear will not stop an optimistic and confident superhero! We all have super powers and we look forward to helping your child or teen believe they do too!
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a safe space to connect with peers

Live sessions

for maximum interactive learning in groups and also one on one tutoring available (online during 2021)

On Demand

flexibility to learn at own pace, as much or as little as your child wants to do at a time

Personalized Certificates

upon completion of each course or level of personal tutoring

We help children and teens to:

#Gain Confidence | #Believe in themselves | #Trust themselves | #have high Emotional Intelligence  | #become confident readers  | #Gain self respect  | #Make healthy decisions  | #and much more

We will help your child or teen unlock their inner potential so they can excel in life.

Who will Benefit?

Children, Teens & Parents

Children aged 7-12 (or younger with parent involvement for courses, and younger for one on one tutoring)

Teens & Young Adults
(who's counting? Young adults will benefit from these strategies too)

Parents section too!

Explore our  empowering courses

many options and benefits

Choose based on how your child learns & progresses

Private Learning

Two options:
1. Personalized tutoring to help your child gain confidence in a particular focus.
2. A complete on-demand program that has lessons that are already built that your child or teen can do at their own pace.

Live Workshop Options

We feature a series of special live workshops, sessions inside already built courses and full live courses for parents and children.

Kids, teens and parent groups

Our learners can benefit from learning and communicating with their peers, within our safe, monitored and friendly community (if desired).

Specialized programs 

Keep progressing throughout individual goals with a variety of engaging personal growth activities!

What our learners say about us

Ms. Tara helps me feel so much better when I am feeling sad or down. After lessons with her, I know I can do anything I put my mind to!
Vera (grade 4 student)
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Frequently asked questions

What courses will I sign my child up for?

You will find a variety of self guided, on demand as well as live (virtual) sessions available for your child. You are certainly not limited to just one. Find the topic that appeals to you (perhaps an area you want to have your child/teen explore), and then look forward to another one when it is completed. (check for bundles, free sessions & trials).

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

There are many online schools focused on Personal Growth for adults, but I haven't had a lot of luck yet finding this sort of content for our children. Time is changing and I believe that our youngest generation of leaders all deserve to enjoy personal growth, self awareness and an understanding that none of us is perfect but we are all learning and growing daily. We believe that kids from a young age deserve to learn more about themselves and others through our programs so they can grow up to be even more self assured & resourceful as they become purposeful and fulfilled young adults in our ever changing world.

How can I choose the courses?

We offer a number of different learning topics as well as different types of sessions (live, on demand) which you are invited to read and choose the one that best meets your needs at a specific time. (live sessions are also recorded if your child misses a scheduled live session) If you are unsure about where to start, most programs have a session or two that is free to explore & if you ever need any advice or clarification, we are here to answer your questions.

What if we decide we don't like the courses?

We know that not everything you spend money on is always what you wish that it was. Our guarantee is that you and your child will gain so much value & self-understanding from the content inside these sessions or you can have a full refund within 7 days from when you paid for a course. Free courses or sessions are obviously just a small glimpse of what you will experience from the paid for sessions/courses.

If I sign up for tutoring will all my kids get this service for the price of one (like is offered with the courses)

Online courses include access for all children/teens in the immediate family (for the price of one)- all members that are registered will get their own unique login.

Tutoring is very specific and individual and this will require a one on one sessions that are planned for exclusively for the child that registers for tutoring & booked at specific times that work for Ms. Tara and the child. Therefore tutoring will have an individual cost associated per child, per session. (tutoring sessions are limited for this reason)

When will the experience box be shipped?

Experience Boxes are a current option. We will evaluate the interest as we go and if it is appreciated we will continue shipping a free basic box to all who start on new accounts. We will ship the basic box out on the 8th day that you've been a paid member of our online academy. (this is because of the 7 day cancellation period).

If you want extra (basic or premium) experience boxes for each child/teen - there is an additional fee.

If you pay for any extra basic or premium boxes, we will ship them within 24 business hours with tracking info.

**We are also currently working on obtaining partnerships with local (Canadian) companies who would be willing to help us add items to a quarterly subscription box. We are looking at creating a box for children aged 7-12 & one for teens. If you are someone or you know of someone who has an item you'd like us to include in our quarterly boxes, please contact Tara at: tara@moralcompasskids.com. Not only will your product be appreciated, you will also have new customers who may want to order from you directly in the future.

What qualifications does Tara have to work with my child?

Tara Cooper (Zimmerman) has been a certified Ontario teacher since 2002. She took many additional qualification courses through her first 5 years as a teacher as well as new courses in the past year (some she is enrolled in currently). These AQ courses include:
  • Special Education
  • Librarianship
  • Computers in the Classroom (Specialist - which means 3 courses in this area)
  • Family Studies (Intermediate)
  • Reading

She became a mom in 2007 and has 3 children. She lives in a small town in Ontario and has been creating programs for MCK Academy that focus on self respect, confidence and building a healthy sense of self to help children follow their own path and to become the self advocates that they deserve to become. In 2020 she started working at Hummingbird Montessori school with grade 4-8 students with her Moral Compass Kids programs.

She has also worked as an independent business owner since 2009 working mainly with adults and families with regards to healthy mindset and personal empowerment. She continues to love helping children, teens and adults who want to break through any perceived boundaries to reach their potential while also helping them stand in their truth while finding their healthy sense of self. Aside from Ontario Additional Qualifications that teachers have access to, she also invested in multiple courses that help with human potential such as (but not limited to):
  • Jack Canfield - Train the Trainer (Success Principles)
  • Tony Robbins - Breakthrough (multiple courses within the platform such as Personal Power, Ultimate Edge, Creating Lasting Change and more)
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